High-Performance Computing Core Facility

The UC Davis High-Performance Computing Core Facility (HPCCF) is a campus research core facility in the Office of Research that specializes in high-performance computing (HPC) systems for research and education.

As part of our mission, we provide HPC services that enable effective innovation at the UC Davis Research Community and enhance competitive advantage of the university.

We manage UC Davis research compute environment that stretches to multiple colleges, departments, and laboratories across the university, and, typically, we are responsible for most or all aspects of the cluster systems, including design, procurement, implementation, maintenance, and administration.

Current vision for the essential capabilities of the UC Davis HPCCF includes the following components:

  • Expertise – to solve all research HPC problems needed to advance science and enhance competitive advantage.
  • Value – to bring the right value at the right cost where budget holders understand and support transparent total cost recovery.
  • Service quality – to meet client expectations by service performance that is defined by metrics.
  • Portfolio Planning – to forecast and meet needs and have the flexibility to satisfy unexpected resource demand and technology breakthrough.
  • Governance – to ensure strategic and tactical decision making, resulting in valued HPC capability.


Any general service inquires and all HPC support questions and concerns related to compute and storage infrastructure, user account support, login help, software installs, and other technical issues could be sent to the HPCCF Helpdesk at hpc-help@ucdavis.edu.