HPC Core Facility Services

Computing and Consulting Services

  • High-Performance Computing services:
    • Hardware design and acquisition;
    • Cluster installation and maintenance;
    • Operating system and HPC software maintenance;
    • System and data security;
    • HPC user training and onboarding;
    • User support;
  • Storage services;
  • Consulting on HPC code optimization, data transfer and access;
  • Consulting and assessment of HPC needs;
  • Cloud-ready research applications;
  • National resources;
  • Letters of Support and Grant Proposal development


In general, the current model for funding the HPC core Facility is that

  •   research HPC equipment is purchased by principal investigators (PIs), and
  •   the university provides the HPC Core Facility personnel and operations costs.

Equipment purchased by PIs is made generally available within HPC clusters, and the PIs and their research teams are able to utilize all the shared resources in proportionally to the amount invested.  Presently there are as yet no uniform rates for equipment in existence, but there are established rates for the CAES Farm and Genome Center HPC clusters.  The HPC Core Facility continue working toward a uniform rate structure to begin in FY2021.

The rate structure that was in place in FY2020-21 is subject to change.

There are no fees for the following services:

  • Initial strategy meeting to discuss which computing and consulting services will best meet the research, education, or outreach components of your grant proposal or current project.
  • General help to get started or answer the occasional question.
  • Various appropriate try-before-you-buy compute campaign setups and evaluations.